How to Pay

What Types of payments do you accept?

We accept Interac E-transfers. We do not take credit cards or Pay Pal at the moment.


What Types of payments can wholesale accounts use ?

We accept Interac E-transfers and COD. We do not take credit cards or Pay Pal at the moment.


How do I send an Interac E-Transfer?

Follow the instructions below, these instructions will also be on the checkout page after you have submitted an order and in your initial order received email.

  1. Once you have submitted an order on the checkout page you will have an order number. this will also be in your order confirmation email as well.
  2. You will need to go to your online banking and setup a recipient. Please set your recipient as Cbd BrandProducts. 

    If you are not setup for online banking please contact your bank to set this up.

  3. Send your entire order total, do not make it more or less otherwise we will decline the transfer and you will need to re-submit another one.
  4. The email to send your transfer to is 
  5. Set your security question to your order number XXXX5
  6. Set your security answer to cbdbrand
  • Recipient Name: Cbd Brand Products
  • Email to send e-transfer to: 
  • Security Question: 123XXX (Your order number or your First and Last name 
  • Security Answer: cbdbrand
    We will need this for shipping purposes and for the signature. 

Once we have received your payment and have processed your order it you will receive a status update email, this email means we have deposited your e-transfer and we are packing your order. Allow us 12-24 hours to process your payment. 

We do not pack orders over the weekend but we may still process your e-transfer. Do not worry your package will go out next business day for retail customers. Wholesale clients have longer processing times.

You will receive one last email once your item is shipped, this will include your tracking number for delivery status. Please note that we are not Canada Post and any delays are due to Canada Post issues, delivery times are an estimate.